Glyph Blackbox Bbpr2000 External Drive Features

The combination of glyph blackbox bbpr2000 external drive and low price makes glyph blackbox bbpr2000 external drive one of a good data storage on the market. It is easily the best deal external hard drive for under $150 price and has high marks from customers.

Glyph BlackBox Pro BBPR2000 2TB External Hard Drive 7200 RPM, USB-C (3.1,Gen2)

As a good data storage, easy to setup! time machine compatible! glyph blackbox pro comes preformatted hfs+ with journaling and is time machine compatible out of the box. a simple reformat is all it takes for the blackbox plus to work with windows systems. quality components matter. blackbox pro has been designed from the ground up to provide the fastest performance, ultimate reliability, and a simple, elegant experience throughout your creative process. first we select the highest quality components available. then we assemble the drives in our us factory, and perform regimented testing on every unit before it ships to you. rugged storage for the rugged professional! blackbox pro is a tough, professional external hard drive that features the latest usb-c (3.1) technology, a professional power supply, and optimized cooling. works with usb 3.0 and 2.0, making the blackbox pro future proof and backwards compatible.

This glyph blackbox pro bbpr2000 2tb external hard drive 7200 rpm, usb-c (3.1,gen2) fit for peoples who are searching for external hard drive with rugged, external hard drive designed for creative professionals featuring the latest usb-c technology! optimized passive cooling, integrated health monitoring, and its tough outer shell is built to take a beating. all aluminum chassis, tough rugged rubber bumper, fanless heat dissipation. interface: usb-c (3.1), compatible with usb 3.0/2.0 & compatible with thunderbolt 3! transfer rate up to 220 mb/s. 3 years hardware coverage, 2 years level 1 data recovery, 1 year advance replacement. mac osx 10.4 and above. windows xp and above. formatted for mac. compatible with windows. included in the box: blackbox plus external hard drive, rugged rubber outer-shell, usb-c to usb-c (3.1) cable, usb-c to usb 3.0/2.0 cable, external power adapter.

Reviews by person who have ordered this glyph blackbox bbpr2000 external drive are useful tip to make verdicts. It will comfortable and better to get this hard drive after get a chance to know how real purchaser felt about ordering this external hard drives. At the time of writing this glyph blackbox bbpr2000 external drive review, there were more than 8 reviews on this page. Some of the reviews were really appreciate and we give rating 3.4 from 5 for this glyph blackbox pro bbpr2000 2tb external hard drive 7200 rpm, usb-c (3.1,gen2).

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