Apple Usb 2.0 Superdrive Md564Zm/A Basic Facts

The apple usb 2.0 superdrive md564zm/a has any of a perfect selections of external hard drive features available on the data storage marketplace at less than $70 price. It’s the essence of simplicity – you’ll never have to worry about lost cables with the apple usb superdrive.

Apple USB 2.0 SuperDrive MD564ZM/A

As a perfect data storage, this auction listing contains an apple superdrive external usb double-layer dvd-rw/cd-rw drive (model md564zm/a). this item was used as an in-store display from a major big box retailer, and has been tested satisfactory for functionality. who am i and what do i do? i’m just a regular guy with a regular job – i’m trying out selling used/returns on ebay to supplement my income. i’m getting these electronics at a bargain, so i’m re-selling them here on ebay. i try and sell items for roughly 50% of what i find them for on other auction sites, but try to go as low as possible while still making a profit. shipping this item is available to be shipped anywhere within the continental united states for free(!); additional international charges may apply. i do try to get my items shipped the same day as payment is received (i hate waiting around for sellers to ship items that i paid for – don’t you?); however, if payment is received after 4:00pm cst the item will be shipped the next day. any orders placed after 12:00pm cst on a saturday will be shipped the following monday. if a shipping label is not produced within 24 hours, please message me and we will begin discussing reimbursement opportunities. miscellaneous – i take great pride in customer experience; there is absolutely no reason to leave negative feedback within 48 hours of item receipt. issues are usually resolved within 24 hours between myself and the buyer when they are brought to me in a timely manner. if there is an issue with this item, and an ebay case is automatically opened, i will be forced to escalate the issue to ebay on the spot for failure to inform me of pertinent issues. bidding on this item provides acknowledgement of this procedure. – due to negative experiences in the past, i do not work with known re-sellers without first contacting me. if you are a re-seller, please contact me before bidding. thanks for looking!

This apple usb 2.0 superdrive md564zm/a fit for you who want external hard drive with the essence of simplicity – you’ll never have to worry about lost cables with the apple usb superdrive. it connects to your macbook pro with retina display, macbook air, or mac mini with a single usb cable that’s built into the superdrive. there’s no separate power adapter, and it works whether your mac is plugged in or running on battery power. slot-loading 8x superdrive (dvda+-r dl/dvda+-rw/cd-rw). box contents – apple usb superdrive with attached usb cable, user’s guide. the apple usb superdrive is designed exclusively for use with mac computers that do not have a built-in optical drive. plug in the superdrive directly to the computer’s usb port. don’t use a usb hub. take it anywhere – only slightly bigger than a cd case, the apple usb superdrive slips easily into your travel bag when you hit the road and takes up little space on your desk or tray table when you’re working. everything you need in an optical drive – whether you’re at the office or on the road, you can play and burn both cds and dvds with the apple usb superdrive. it’s perfect when you want to watch a dvd movie, install software, create backup discs, and more.

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