Akitio Thunder2 Dock Overview

The akitio thunder2 dock has several data storage things that make it a perfect external hard drive choice regardless at under $190 price. It two thunderbolt 2 ports for lightning fast speeds up to 20gb/s.

AKiTiO Thunder2 Dock

As a perfect data storage, the thunderbolt™ dock links past, present and future technology to your computer with just one thunderbolt cable. the thunder2 dock allows you to access your data on both legacy and future storage drives by providing multiple host ports for usb 3.0, esata, and firewire® 800. it also has two thunderbolt™ 2 ports for daisy chaining additional thunderbolt devices and storage.

• thunderbolt™ 2 interface for lighting fast transfer speeds of up to 20 gbps
• comes with two thunderbolt 2 ports, supporting storage and display
• large and quiet low speed fan (1900 rpm) for active cooling
• removable trays for easy ssd and/or hdd installation
• large handle provides comfortable grip when relocating the device
• supports akitio data multiplier application

This akitio thunder2 dock fit for anyone who are looking for external hard drive with two thunderbolt 2 ports for lightning fast speeds up to 20gb/s. two esata host ports (up to 6gb/s). one 7 watt bus-powered firewire 800 host port. two bus-powered usb 3.0 host ports (supports uasp). supports 4k monitors and displays.

At the time of uploading this akitio thunder2 dock review, there were more than 15 reviews on some resouces. Most of the reviews were highly satisfied and we give rating 4.5 from 5 for this akitio thunder2 dock. Reviews by people who have used or already purchased this akitio t2d thsb3ias aktu akitio thunder2 dock are meaningful output to make conclusions. It will more comfortable and better to purchase this hard drive after get to be able to read how real consumers felt about buying this external hard drives.

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