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ASUS F556UA-AB32 – 15.6″ Laptop Under 500

ASUS F556UA-AB32 laptop is one of the nice product from Asus, which will pleasant you with some new improvements and better specification. This laptop is great and has a cheap price. The laptop cost less than $500.


Asus never stop providing the great product to pleasant their customer. As the one of the best laptop manufacture in the world, they always give the new product with some developments to pleasant their customers. One of the newest product from Asus is ASUS F556UA-AB32 laptop. Yes, this laptop will fulfill the need of you when you want to have a slim laptop with nice performance. We will talk about some detail specs of it below. Try to see the specs and add it in your wish list.

Slim and modern design

New Asus comes with some improvements in its detail. In the overall view, the new laptop has slimmer appearance than the previous version. The slimmer design decrease the total weight and now people will be easier in bringing it. Besides, modern look occurs in its design. The color is still black to increase its classical look. Asus applies the new frame made with metallic appearance to provide the timeless design. We are sure that the design will be useful to increase the sense of operation.

Windows 10 preinstalled

Windows 10 is the newest development of Windows version, which will give the new appearance, performance and detail of OS. Here, ASUS F556UA-AB32 comes with Windows 10 as the original OS. The new OS will bring people face the digital new feature with more modern theme and look. Besides, some features of Windows come with new appearance and better performance to renew the sense of operation. Please make sure that the Windows inside the laptop is original.

Efficient working

Inside this the best laptop for under 500, the manufacture applies the 6th generation of Intel processor. Yes, Intel Core i3 is applied as the default processor to deliver the stable performance. Actually, this processor is lower than the i7 version but it is still able to make you are glad in operating it. Besides, it has 4GB RAM to keep the stability of the performance. This big RAM will be useful especially to increase the performance of laptop and free it from any lag problem.

Then, how about the storage of this new ASUS F556UA-AB32? Well, now Asus applies 1TB HDD inside this product. The HDD’s size is big, so people will have more space to keep and to save their data. I am sure that they will have no problem in saving data. Lastly, what make this laptop is great is the use of new standard Wi-Fi. The manufacture now uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi with better technologies and some new features to provide faster access.

After seeing some detail specs of ASUS F556UA-AB32 as above, we are sure that it will be one of the best choice for you. New laptop with slim design and new feature will deliver better performance. With the better performance in overall, I am sure that you will get the new sense in operating it. Then, the features inside the laptop will fulfill your need. Your job could be finished well and your data could be saved safely. Asus never stop trying some improvements to pleasant their customer. You can add this new laptop in your new wish list!